Thomas S. Stone Elementary School



Administrative Procedure for School Uniforms  

Effective April 14, 2004 Thomas S. Stone Elementary has become a MANDATORY UNIFORM School

Purpose:  The Board of Education Policy Number 0114 encourages schools and communities to establish a uniform program. The parents and surrounding communities of Thomas S. Stone Elementary feel that a Mandatory Uniform policy will enhance our students academically and decrease peer pressure.  

Mandatory Uniform School Compliance Measures  - Beginning August 23, 2004

The school shall communicate on a regular basis with parents(s) or guardians(s) so that the expectations, rationale, and benefits of this program are fully understood by the student and his/her family. Disciplinary action will be taken to encourage compliance with this policy.  Exceptions to wearing the uniform are permitted when:

  1. Uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are worn on regular meeting days
  2. A uniform program does not prevent a student from wearing a button, armband, or other item guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution unless the button or other item is related to gangs, gang membership, or gang activity

Penalty for Consistent Violations

  1. For a first violation, the child’s teacher contacts the parent(s) or guardian(s) and notifies the principal that a violation has occurred.
  2. For a second violation, the teacher refers the student to the principal who contacts the parents(s) or guardian(s) by telephone and in writing that a second violation has occurred.
  3. For a third violation, the principal sends a letter and telephone and in writing that a second violation has occurred.
  4. For a fourth violation, the school administration arranges a parent(s) or guardian(s) conference and reiterates the parameters of the program and consequence of future violations.
  5. For a fifth violation, the student is removed from class for one (1) full-day and completes classroom assignments provided by the classroom teacher in another part of the school.
  6. For a sixth violation, a parent/student conference is called which includes representatives from the School Uniform Committee.  A final warning is given to the student and his parent(s) or guardian(s) advising them that another violation will result in reassignment to another school.  This same information will be forwarded to the parents(s) or guardian(s) in writing, as well. 
  7. On the occasion of a seventh violation within a school year, the student will be reassigned to a school that does not have a Mandatory School Uniform Program. Transportation to and from the assigned school shall be the responsibility of the parents.

Opt-Out Process in a Mandatory Uniform School:

·    A parent may exercise their right to opt-out of the Mandatory School Uniform Program at the school.  The student will be reassigned through established procedures to another school and transportation will NOT be provided.

·     Parent(s) or guardian(s) who disagree with the adopted Mandatory School Uniform Program may opt-out of participation in this new requirement for the duration of this program at that school by completing a APPLICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM MANDATORY SCHOOL UNIFORM PROGRAM FORM (PGIN 7540-3500, Attachment II) within forty-five (45) days after their child has been assigned to the school after the school year has commenced.

The adoption of the policy has several goals:

1.  Focus student attention on schoolwork and alleviate the peer pressure students feel to compete with those who wear the latest style of clothing.

2.  Create an orderly uniform environment where all children are perceived on an equal plane.

3.  Reduce conflict among students and reduce disciplinary actions that need to be taken by administrators and teachers.   

4.  Provide parents the opportunity to save money on purchasing clothes and more easily plan their child's selection of clothing for the week.


Navy blue pants

White or blue shirts (polo or dress)

Blue, black, or white socks

Navy blue shorts may be worn in the spring and summer


Navy blue skirts (kick pleat or full pleat)

Navy blue pants

White blouse (with Peter Pan, pointed collars or polo shirts)

Blue or white socks

Navy blue shorts or shorts may be worn in the spring and summer

Girls in PreK-3 may wear the navy blue jumper


Uniforms may be purchased at Kids R Us, Kid City, Children's Discount Mart, Kids for Less, Wal-Mart, Young World, JC Penney or any uniform apparel store.

At the end of the school year, parents are encouraged to donate uniforms that may be too small for the upcoming school year.

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