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  • Attendance - Tardy Policy

    Attendance - Tardy Policy

    EARLY DEPARTURES: Parents/Guardians arriving to pick students up for early departures must arrive by 3:30 pm. Students will not be released after this time. Please plan accordingly.

    LATE ARRIVAL TIME: Students arriving after 9:40 should report to the office for a late slip ( with documentation) to give to their first MOD teacher.

    The Walker Mill Middle School staff is committed to providing a safe and orderly instructional environment for our students on a daily basis. In order to accomplish this goal, all of our students have received written materials relative to the Code of Student Conduct for Prince George’s County Public School policies on attendance, truancy and tardiness to class. Students with legitimate reasons for late arrival  or absences to school should report to the main office with documentation. They will be given a yellow slip to show all teachers and have signed. The yellow slip acknowledges the excused absence and that the teacher MUST give work assigned.  The number of days the student is out, is the number of days that the students have to complete and return the assignment.

    Legitimate reasons include:

    • Death in the immediate family – absences for this reason should not exceed three (3) days
    • Illness of the student – the school may require certificate of a doctor
    • Court Summons – a note from the court will be required
    • Observation of a religious holiday
    • School authorized activity or work
    • State of Emergency 
    PLEASE NOTE: Family vacations and babysitting younger children are NOT lawful reasons for absence.

    Hall Sweeps will be held on a random basis during the school year. The expectation is that all students are in class on time. In keeping with the above guidelines, the following consequences for being caught in the hall sweep   will be enforced:

    • 1st hall sweep = Parent Notification ( Warning)
    • 2nd hall sweep = 5 days of Cafeteria Duty or School Beautification Team 
    • 3rd hall sweep = 1 day of Extended Dentention
    • 4th hall sweep = 3 days Out-Of-School Suspension or Parent Shadowing 


    The staff of Walker Mill Middle School is soliciting all of our parents/guardians, as partners in your child’s educational experiences, to assist us with this very important life skill. Please assist us in emphasizing the importance of reporting on time to school and class.